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The iDo ecosystem consists of various modules that help you getting closer to your guests to boost efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Your benefits with the iDo ecosystem at a glance


Raise Satisfaction

With the iDo ordering system you raise guest satisfaction by being able to deliver your offerings and services at within a shorter time and with less mistakes.


Reduce Costs

Using the iDo ecosystem leads to an overall cost reduction by operating more precisely and organized and therefore reducing time investment and effort.

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Increase Orders

Since guests place their orders autonomously with the iDo ordering system, servers save time of taking orders and therefore are able to turn tables faster.


Gain more Revenue

With iDo's reporting dashboard you are able to identify the best selling items and locations with the largest revenue to optimize your offerings and gain more revenue.

Customized to your look and feel

Our guest interface can be customized to your look and feel by choosing your individual logo, photos and colors. Get started and build your own in just 20 minutes.

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There is even more to it...

We are happy to show your around. Please reach out to our sales team and book a quick tour to learn more about the iDo ecosystem and its features.

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Multi Location

Our system lets you create multiple locations, to help you organize your orders and bookings, if serve your guests in more than one place.



Our guest interface is available in many languages to reduce the language barrier and to ensure your guests can place orders without obstacles.

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QR Codes

Our ecosystem automatically creates high resolution QR codes, which you can easily download and display for a contactless and autonomous order process.


No App Required

The iDo guest interface is optimized for mobile devices and works without requiring your guests to download and install an app or sign up for an account.

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Customize your guest interface according to your businesses look and feel by adding your logo, photos and individual colors, without having to write code.


Menu Builder

Our intuitive menu builder allows you to quickly build your individual menus by simply drag and dropping elements at the desired place.

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Booking Service

With iDo does not only help you to digitally manage your orders but also allows your guests to book services through your individual guest interface.

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Concierge Chat

Our optional concierge module allows you to offer premium hospitality services to your guests by enabling them to chat in real time with your concierges.

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We built iDo to integrate perfectly with various third-party systems. We are looking forward to discuss possible custom integrations with you.

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Scan the QR code with your phone to see how a digital menu made with iDo can look like.

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